Our chefs make each of our sauces in small batches to ensure freshness. We use the highest quality ingredients we can find and carefully season each batch to perfection.

  • MARINARA $3.49/pint $5.95/quart
  • CHUNKY POMODORO $4.49/pint
  • ARRABBIATA $4.49/pint
  • PUTTANESCA $5.49/pint
  • MEAT $4.49/pint $7.95/quart
  • HEARTY BOLOGNESE $5.49/pint
  • TRADITIONAL VODKA $4.95/pint $7.95/quart
  • BASIL PESTO $6.95/half pint
  • PESTO CREAM $6.95/pint
  • WHITE CLAM $6.95/pint
  • SPINACH CREAM $5.49/pint
  • GARLIC CREAM $5.95/pint
  • MARSALA CREAM $5.95/pint
  • GORGONZOLA CREAM $5.95/pint
  • ALFREDO $5.95/pint